We would like to welcome you to the Ladies section at Great Torrington Golf Club.

Our Ladies section is a very friendly and supportive group, who work hard to create an environment where every lady can enjoy her golf. Whether you are completely new to golf or play off a low handicap, we would love you to join us and would welcome you to continue your golfing journey in our growing Ladies Section.

If you are looking forward to trying golf as a hobby we hold Open Day events during the summer so that anyone can ‘have a go’ and find out what golf is all about. We also operate an Academy and a Membership, which includes lessons. If you are interested in either of these, please contact the office for more information.

Should you decide to join us I would love to meet up with you and see how we can make your journey with us successful. Our new members will have the opportunity to attend organised events on certain days; meet existing members and go out on the course with them on a Wednesday morning after the main competition players have gone out, attend the ‘Tee Timers’ group on a Sunday afternoon to meet and play with other new members. If you are able to play golf and are looking to obtain your handicap there are always members willing to play with a new Lady and help you to obtain your ‘cards’. Whatever your level, you will be very welcome.

The Ladies section has a Facebook page where ladies can connect with others and share useful ideas and information.

As a Ladies section we are involved in many different competitions throughout the year, which give everyone an opportunity to play both at our ‘home’club and also‘away’at other local clubs, no matter what level of play.

Our Ladies’ day to play collectively is each Wednesday - tee times are available to book online once you have a handicap. Golf has a social aspect as well as the game itself and our Ladies day sees many of us getting together after our games for a coffee and a chat. We are a growing section and encourage ladies to take part in outside competitions when it is possible. We all enjoy a day out!

In 2022 we will be playing for the Sheelah Creasy Bowl which is open to everyone with a handicap between 21.5 and 40.4. This is a Devon wide competition.

Every year representatives from the Ladies Section take part in the ‘Daily Mail’ foursomes, the ‘Express’ and ‘Echo’ foursomes, the ‘Willes Little’ foursomes, the ‘Western Moring News’ foursomes, all external competitions.

We also take part in friendly matches, Lady Veterans matches and we play friendly - friendlies! These fun matches are a great way to play other courses and make new friends and are always followed by a tasty meal together.

Here at Great Torrington Golf Club all Ladies with a handicap are able to enter the 'all categories' Saturday and Sunday competitions and during the summer months, on a Thursday evening, a supper competition is held. This is great fun and a good way to meet other club members.

There are Ladies who oversee each of the different aspects and organisation of the Ladies Section. As a club we are signed up to the Women and Girls into Golf Charter and the Safe Golf Charter.

Over the course of the year we expect to hold Open Competitions, Coffee mornings and Ladies lunches and of course we have a wonderful Christmas Lunch. There will also be away days and other social events.

All members will receive regular communications from the Ladies Section with reminders of what’s planned for the month ahead.

Please do contact the office to find out more about Membership and the Academy.

Don’t forget to check the Club Diary page for upcoming events.

Happy golfing!


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